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Marketing Advisor

Is your marketing not working as well as you think it should?

Marketing is always evolving, and there are endless options for how to approach your marketing. Implementing marketing campaigns is one piece of the puzzle. You will see better results from your marketing by incorporating integrated marketing strategies, marketing technologies, and continually optimizing marketing efforts. 

At Wise Marketing Strategy, we partner with leaders of education companies and institutions as a Marketing Advisor to work collaboratively with the existing marketing team. We establish a strategic marketing foundation, create systems for scaling marketing efforts, and show you results from your marketing efforts to help reach the organization's goals. We provide senior-level marketing leadership for a fraction of the cost of a full-time marketing hire. 

We know that organizations need to see results quickly, learn, and iterate. And because we specialize in the education industry, we can hit the ground running! 

As Your Marketing Advisor, You Will Get:

  • Marketing activities that contribute to your business growth goals

  • Data-driven marketing strategies that drive revenue

  • Integrated marketing that addresses your business challenges

  • Help in focusing on your most profitable customers

  • Positioning as the expert in your market

  • Marketing systems, so your marketing team can scale 

  • A view of results from your marketing investments

  • A mentor for your existing marketing team

What This Includes:

  • Marketing leader and partner

    • A senior-level marketer who will bring marketing expertise to your team

    • 1-on-1 virtual meetings to discuss business challenges and review marketing priorities and results

  • A strategic marketing foundation

    • Profiles of your ideal customers and what leads them to buy from you

    • Market research to determine what to say to get people to take action​

    • Documented systems to help you scale your marketing

  • Ongoing integrated marketing strategies 

    • A 6-month integrated strategic marketing plan with marketing strategies that reach your ideal customers​

    • A monthly report on marketing results and recommended optimizations

  • Mentor for the existing marketing team

    • Marketing best practices​

    • Unlimited access via email to review work and answer questions



The Marketing Advisor service is for education companies and educational institutions that want to grow. They have an in-house marketing team to execute marketing but don't have a CMO. The service includes two phases:


1. Foundational: Begins with setting the strategic marketing foundation, developing a marketing plan, and executing on quick wins starting at $3,500/mo for 3 months.


2. Ongoing: The work shifts to mentoring the team executing the marketing items and reporting back on results and priorities every month. The fee depends on the complexity of the marketing plan.

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