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Marketing Advisor

Looking for an outside perspective on your marketing from a senior-level marketer?

Marketing is always evolving, and there are endless options for how to approach your marketing. Every in-house marketing team can benefit from a fresh set of eyes to review marketing efforts and highlight new opportunities.

At Wise Marketing Strategy, we partner with leaders of education companies and institutions as a Marketing Advisor to work collaboratively with the existing marketing team to provide integrated marketing strategy recommendations and direction to help reach the organization's goals.

As Your Marketing Advisor, You Will Get:

  • An outside perspective on your marketing

  • A senior-level marketer who specializes in the education industry

  • A collaborative partner

What This Includes:

  • Projects customized to your organization's needs. For example:

    • A marketing audit to review your current marketing and provide opportunities 

    • A competitor review to show you what your competitors are doing for marketing

    • A brand messaging strategy to position your education company or institution as the expert in your field

    • 1-on-1 virtual coaching for your marketing team



The Marketing Advisor service is customized for education companies and educational institutions based on your needs. 

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