We work as a fractional CMO for growing small businesses and startups, specializing in the education sector. They typically have not done any marketing or have done some with a junior-level marketer and an agency. Our experience in education includes:

  • Continuing education

  • Workforce development

  • Online education

  • Corporate training

  • Technical education

  • Higher education

  • K-12 education

Our experience also translates to other industries in B2B and e-commerce. 


Corporate Training Company

Increased leads by 85% and lead-to-opportunity conversion rate by 25% in 6 months compared to prior full year. 

Managed an integrated advertising campaign that helped meet the teacher recruitment goal for the year and decreased the teacher attrition rate by 9% from the previous year.

Continuing Education Company

Created a brand platform that led to a new logo and brand identity to differentiate the company. |         | Based in Massachusetts | Privacy Policy


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