Wise Marketing Strategy offers a range of marketing services to help you grow your business for the long-term. If you need senior-level marketing support and are not ready to hire a full-time marketing leader, these marketing initiatives will make an impact for less cost and overhead.

Pricing is a fixed fee that is agreed upon before the work starts.

Fractional CMO

A strategic marketing plan is the roadmap that outlines how marketing will support your business goals over a 6-to-12 month period. It integrates multiple marketing tactics into one plan so that they effectively reach your customers. As a fractional CMO, I will work closely with your leadership team to develop and execute a strategic marketing plan that will include a marketing strategy, key messaging points, personas, marketing tactics, measurement plan, timeline and budget. I will work with your existing marketing team or bring in a team to carry out the plan and produce results. Learn More About the Fractional CMO >>

$6,000/month, 3 month minimum

Brand Platform Development

A clear, consistent, and unique way of communicating what your company offers is fundamental to making sure you stand out against your competitors. I will help you identify what makes your products or services truly unique, outlining message points into a document that will guide all marketing communications. I will audit your current materials, providing recommendations for aligning your communications to the message points and can oversee graphic designers in developing a logo, website, and marketing collateral.

Starts at $4,000

Agency Search and Onboarding

Growing companies need the help of specialists at an advertising agency to run paid search, paid social, and search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns. I’ve been on the agency-side building relationships and processes with new clients and on the client-side hiring and onboarding new agencies. I will help you find an agency that meets your needs and budget and get them up-to-speed with your business.

Starts at $2,000

Web Design

Your website is the most important component of your marketing communications. Buyers are reviewing and comparing what they find on a website to make decisions on their purchase, even in complex B2B sales. I will hire and manage the team you need to upgrade your web design, including user experience specialists and web developers.

Starts at $10,000

Content Strategy

Content marketing is how you show consumers the value your company provides by sharing articles, videos, white papers, etc. that showcase your thought leadership. I will develop a content strategy that outlines content themes unique to your company, content formats, and a distribution strategy across your website, email, and social media.

Starts at $4,000

Sales Enablement Content

Your sales team needs to be armed with materials that answer prospective customer’s questions along the sales cycle so they are communicating what your company has to offer in a consistent way. I will bridge your sales and marketing teams by aligning how you position your products/services, how to define a marketing qualified lead, and develop materials your sales team will use, including presentations, sell sheets, and success stories.

Starts at $4,000

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