As your fractional CMO, you will benefit from a thoughtful, creative, results-driven extension of your team who wants to see your organization thrive. We work with companies in the education sector to organize their goals into a marketing system that produces comprehensive marketing strategies that are followed-through across an integrated marketing team. 

Through a four-step process we:

  • Align your marketing team and external agencies/vendors

  • Set your goals

  • Thoroughly assess your position

  • Efficiently put full-funnel marketing strategies into motion

You will benefit from the expertise of a senior marketing leader who has worked with edtech startups, Babson College and the NYC Department of Education, for a fraction of the cost of a full-time CMO.

1) Align Your Team: Marketing initiatives are most efficient when they are planned and executed in an integrated way across in-house staff and external agencies and vendors who work together as a team.

Customers are interacting with your organization in multiple ways - from visiting your website, to looking at your social media, to downloading a content piece. It's important they are having a consistent and valuable experience across their journey so they keep coming back. Aligning the marketing team who is producing these experiences and establishing consistent systems and processes will ensure a positive experience for your prospects and customers.

2) Set Your Goals and Position: Conversations with members of your staff, surveying customers, and auditing competitors and industry context will help establish your marketing goals and inform marketing strategies.

People have many choices on who to buy from. You need to ensure that how you explain what you offer is unique and compelling so that you are meeting your goals, and attracting loyal customers and ambassadors of your brand.

3) Develop Marketing Strategies: A strategic marketing plan outlines marketing strategies that meet your goals, your value to customers, what makes you unique, target customer profiles, recommended marketing activities along the marketing funnel, a plan for measuring marketing efforts, timeline, and budget.

Outlining your marketing activities in a plan will provide you with one holistic view into your marketing efforts and how they connect to your mission and the people you are targeting. You will more wisely spend your resources, time, and budget with this integrated, proactive approach to marketing. 

4) Deliver And Document: Approved marketing activities from the strategic marketing plan are executed across an integrated team with documentation on project management progress along the way. Also, a summary of analytics results and suggestions for optimizing the marketing plan will provide transparency on your marketing investment.

Marketing impacts many parts of the organization. Clarity on what marketing is focused on, when activites are launching, and what is working or not will help keep the organization aligned and improving.

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