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Fractional CMO for Education and Training Companies

Ready to experience high-impact marketing to drive revenue for your growing company?

You already know that solid marketing can help your organization increase revenue, stand out from competitors, and generate leads and customers. However, determining the most effective marketing strategy requires reliable data, experimentation, and expertise. That's where our Fractional CMO program can help.


As a leader in your organization, it's difficult to direct marketing when your attention is divided. A Fractional CMO gives you the best of both worlds: C-level expertise and low overhead. You'll get a seasoned education executive to lead your marketing efforts, allowing you to focus on what you do best: making a positive impact.

We'll Run Marketing For You

We work with your existing team or help to bring on contractors or marketing agencies to take the “burden” of directing marketing efforts off your plate. 


By developing a holistic marketing system, we ensure all marketing activities are connected. Our goal is to build out a seamless experience that drives people to choose your organization. This includes overseeing the integration and execution of each marketing initiative.

Benefit from Data-Driven 
Marketing Systems

Our strategies aren’t based on guesses, but on solid data and research. By analyzing your existing data and integrating marketing best practices, we’ll help you make informed decisions that lead to measurable results. 


With thoughtful analysis, Wise Marketing Strategy creates personalized marketing systems that align with your organization’s goals and contribute to long-term sustainable growth.

Our Approach

Wise Marketing Strategy Fractional CMO Overview Final.jpg

As your Fractional CMO you will get:

A member of your leadership team who contributes marketing expertise

Recommendations on your most profitable customers to target in marketing

Messaging that helps your brand stand out

Data-driven integrated marketing strategies focused on your unique goals

Regular reports on your marketing performance

Scalable systems for your team 

Oversight of the execution of all marketing activities

Hands-on marketing agency management

Sales and marketing team alignment


Starts at $5,000/mo. Month-to-month subscription.

Hear From Our Clients

Wise Marketing Strategy has transformed the way we communicate with our prospects and customers. With thoughtful planning and meticulous execution, we are now positioned as the leader in our market segment. Our goal was to attract higher value opportunities, and that's exactly what we've achieved.

David, Founder and Principal, AET Labs

Wise Marketing Strategy has brought to our company marketing expertise, processes, professionalism, and most importantly

sustainable revenue growth.

Amy, Founder, #1 Premiere Continuing Education

(acquired by Premiere Education)

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