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5 Ideas for Marketing to Teachers

Marketing to teachers can be challenging because they are incredibly busy people, but it can be done! When planning your marketing campaigns, start by creating buyer personas to help figure out how to market to teachers. The reality is that there are a lot of differences among teachers, depending on their grade level, subject area, and region. So it's always best to go through the market research process involved in creating buyer personas to develop the most effective marketing campaigns and determine how to reach teachers.

Part of the buyer persona process is asking questions about how people found out about your product and what resources they reference to help with their jobs. Their answers are the secrets you need to uncover when marketing to teachers! It will vary depending on what kind of teacher you are selling to, but here are some common ways you might be able to reach teachers with your products.

5 Ideas for Marketing to Teachers

1. Email - Teachers are frequently checking their email. They have to for their job. So if you send an email with an appealing subject line, you might catch their eye when they are scanning their inbox throughout the day.

2. Google - Just like most of us do when we're looking for things, teachers go to Google to search for ideas or products. You can reach them when they are searching by creating helpful web pages and content optimized for search, like blog posts or videos.

3. Professional Development Events - Most teachers need to participate in professional development activities for their license. If you can find a way to create informative, professional development events related to your product, then you'll be able to get in front of teachers.

4. Social Media - Some teachers use social media, especially Pinterest, to get ideas for their classrooms. They also go on social media when they're not thinking of teaching. If you have the budget, running some paid social media ads targeting teachers could build awareness or bring them back to your website.

5. Referral Programs - Teachers value word of mouth and referrals. It can be a risk to bring something new to their classroom, so they value recommendations from people they trust. You can take advantage of this by developing a referral program that encourages teachers to share your product, plus give discounts or rewards as an added incentive.

Effectively marketing to teachers starts with research and asking the right questions when you're creating buyer personas. From there, identify how to market to teachers online by listening for the most common marketing ideas they bring up and incorporating them into your campaigns.

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