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L&D Priorities for the Next 6 Months

Learning and Development teams in organizations of all kinds are balancing many priorities in order to support their companies in the dramatic shifts that the global pandemic has brought to employees in their work and lives.

Here's what L&D teams at two organizations are prioritizing for the next 6 months:

"Our current strategy on the L&D team has been focused on the transformation to an all-remote workforce and both the challenges and opportunities that has brought our company. With all the changes going on in the world, we’re focusing on leadership training so that our teams are managed with wellness in mind - from physical and mental health to caring for children while working full-time. We are working to ensure our team members have the learning and development resources and support they need, not only to manage their workload, but to develop and thrive in their careers." - Amy Cozart-Lundin, Senior Instructional Designer, Legal Services Company
"Our business is built on relationships, so we’re strengthening our foundations there. We’re rolling out a mentoring program to help create moments of connection and community among our global remote team. We’re building out virtual and blended curriculums for leadership development, for the executive level down to junior level. And we recently launched a new LMS platform, so we can continually provide fresh content to support our colleagues. Even now, it’s clear our company will support an expanded remote work force beyond the pandemic, so we want to ensure we’re providing meaningful, scalable learning opportunities to everyone." - Jen Mason, Learning and Development Director, Consulting Firm


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