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A Marketing Strategy Example for an Education Company: Podcast Episode #11

Full Transcript:

When you start thinking about marketing for your education company, it's really common to jump right into what are the specific marketing activities and tactics that you should be running. But your marketing is going to be a lot stronger if it's all connected to each other and you're starting to think about your marketing at a more higher level than just the individual tactics. People need to see marketing messages at least seven to twelve times before they recognize it. So your marketing needs to have a consistent message and it needs to be working together so that you are reaching the same people in different ways. And that's going to increase your chances of reaching people multiple times and getting them to notice you. So you want to think about that when you are planning out your marketing.

You want to try to group your individual ideas around the different marketing activities that you could be doing into groups of categories. And those categories are your marketing strategies and those individual ideas that you have around you know, specifically what you should be doing. Those are the marketing activities, the marketing tactics that ladder up to those marketing strategies. And by thinking about your marketing in this way where it's more holistic and it's grouped under these marketing strategies, you're going to see that for your customers. They have a more holistic experience and they are working through understanding what your education company provides to them through different avenues.

Let's think of an example. So say you are an education company and you are trying to reach parents, or maybe you're trying to sell into teachers or other people out of school. So you might think about, okay, what are some things that we could do? We can run an event. We can post on our blog and use the blog post to send off to our sales team to send along. We'll have a newsletter to keep in touch with existing people. Those are all accurate. Those are all probably things that you'll end up doing. But when you look at your marketing more holistically and starting with a marketing strategy, hopefully you will be inspired to come up with bigger ideas and ideas that connect better together for a better experience for your potential customers.

Let's say instead you think back to your buyers and your buyer personas and what's important to them and you realize that for them to be able to be comfortable buying your product, they need to understand a little bit better around what your company's point of view is on the topic. Or maybe they don't even know about whatever problem it is that your company is solving. And you need to get out there with your point of view into outlets that they're in even before they start searching. And so all of that comes down to okay, you need to develop a content marketing system and that is your marketing strategy.

Now you start off your brainstorm yhinking about the experience that your customers go through that might lead them to your product and then also what are some of the activities within content marketing that might appeal to them? Now you think back to your blog that you had talked about before would make sense. Newsletter, some webinars would also be relevant. You want to think about it as a whole system and an experience that's working together. So if you do have blog posts that you're sending off to your sales team or you speak at some kind of event, then what happens?

Then you bring people into your system and now you have their email addresses. So you want to make sure that you are creating content that is going to continue to nurture them and get them to understand your company and your product that you are selling. So in this case, maybe you start developing some short-form videos or some written guides Depending on what it is that your audience prefers. And if you don't know, then create one topic in different formats and see which one they receive better.

And then you also can think about okay, our newsletter that we talked about before, what can we put in that? We have all this different content that we've been creating. Let's develop newsletters based on who our audience is and personalize them based on their interests, which you can collect that information when they come into your system, whether you have them filling out a form or based on the event that they had attended.

Then if you're targeting individuals at a larger scale, then you could look at advertising as part of that content marketing system and run retargeting ads Where maybe in your ads you're sharing some of the content like the guys or the videos that you've been sharing.

Hopefully looking at your marketing more high level and thinking about who you're trying to reach and then what strategies could help them come over to your education company will help you in developing stronger individual marketing tactics.


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